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One of MMD Financial's most valuable partnership programs is our energy consulting service for commercial and industrial customers in the deregulated energy markets. With over 35 years of combined experience, managing over 1,000 Megawatts of power and a rich background in the electric services industry, we work with our clients to provide a unique and comprehensive alternative to normal utility power purchases. This is in contrast to host utilities, which pass all their costs onto their customers. In the openly competitive markets, we offer specialized products that deliver price certainty (avoiding risk and erratic energy prices), market driven index products, and specialized hybrid products that combine the best elements of both the fixed and indexed offerings.

Online Utility Analysis and Reporting Tool:

To ensure that our clients constantly stay informed, our partner uses a proprietary fully online interactive program for utility cost auditing, tracking, analysis, and reporting services. It combines the Internet with our background in energy coordination and expertise in the utility areas. All our clients need is an Internet connection to have a powerful reporting and analysis tool right at their fingertips for virtually an unlimited number of locations. We perform the initial account setup, site setup, and all ongoing data entry for the analysis to occur. To provide immediate and meaningful analyses, historical data can be inputted into this tool. We can then receive real-time trending and comparative analysis information, which allow for potential improvements to your operation and the creation of new baselines for ongoing operations. This is all performed over a secure Internet connection that is individually password protected. Each customer can have any number of users with individual access to this reporting tool at any time.

Energy Services:

The MMD energy partnership brings tremendous value-added services for clients wishing to have representation in the deregulated electric markets. Our clients receive the ultimate in cost-effective energy procurement services.

Services Include:

- Strong relationships with electric suppliers nationwide that lead to best pricing

- Negotiation and analysis of service suppliers' offers in terms of location and pricing

- Constant monitoring of the energy markets to identify opportunities for our clients

- Evaluate of proposals from the suppliers' perspective, through managed bidding processes

- Full transparency and knowledge of the nuances of any working agreement

- Utility bill analysis to check for errors

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