On average, three percent of UPS® and FedEx® expenses are eligible for a refund.


Our partnering consulting firm will recover those refunds with a software driven, ongoing recovery audit of UPS® and FedEx® invoices. The ONLY billing for the service is a percentage of your refunds.


We offer clients a risk-free opportunity to save money on parcel shipping expenses. Clients see hard dollar savings through the audit of carrier invoices and will see, on average, an additional 11% in savings via Business Intelligence driven by our value added Reporting and Optimization Services.


•        Risk-Free: we only bill a percentage of the refunds recovered.

•        Risk-Free: terms of the agreement are month to month. There is no long term commitment!

•        Risk-Free: the audit is completely non-intrusive. The audit uses the carrier invoice as the only data source. Nothing changes about the way clients are invoiced by the carrier.


Reporting will automate general ledger coding of UPS® and FedEx® charges, automate the cost center allocation process, and provide the visibility that will allow better management of parcel spend. The data becomes accessible and allows companies to facilitate measurement of KeyPerformance Indicators (KPI) and drive savings to the bottom line.

At the core of our solution, a proprietary software program automatically imports UPS and FedEx invoices to identify and secure refunds for late deliveries, billing errors, and invalid charges. We currently audit over 3,500 clients whose annual net spend with UPS® and FedEx® exceeds $1.7 billion.


Most importantly, we partner with clients to provide Business Intelligence Solutions related to parcel shipping and the processes related to parcel shipping (Accounting, Finance, Logistics, Transportation, Supply Chain, for example).


From customized reporting solutions to cost saving optimization analytics, our partnership with clients drives process improvement and informs supply chain decision making. We proudly provide customized reporting solutions and data feeds that we can map into an ERP solution or Accounting system.

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